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Our Vision

Our Vision that all Upstate formerly-and-currently incarcerated women are supported and restored to a healthy path to experience whole life transformation and land a permanent home.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a safe place to live to formerly incarcerated women to support whole person restoration, spiritual maturity, and hope for reentry healing that will resonate in the lives of their children and families. Children and families who were disproportionately separated and place at a disadvantage, as persons whose life were affected due to having incarcerated parents, substance misuse, child-neglect, sexual trauma and domestic violence that led to the parents incarceration. We are present to advocate for formerly incarcerated women and their children to dismantle the prison-industrial complex, institutional barriers, and economic lockout that continues to contribute to homelessness, increase substance misuse relapses, increase recidivism.added to mass incarceration on multi-racial and multi-ethical total discrimination.

Our Values

Our Values are Supportive, Realistic, Safe, Spiritual, Holistic, Engaging Community.

Step by Step Ministry Hope Project has been a vital tool in the community for over a decade to federal probation, state probation, scdc, and drug and alcohol treatment centers that also contribute and provide the necessary supervision and counseling to reentry citizens.

We were founded to serve the fastest growing gender-specific population that fills jails and prisons at 750% higher rate than their male counterparts across America.Current and former incarcerated females cannot be addressed the same way as their male counterparts. The reentry project at Step by Step Ministry HOpe Project addresses formerly incarcerated women on essential needs of sexual trauma and to assist them on addressing domestic violence in a comprehensive and holistic way. Being so, women are more vulnerable and at-risk whose needs are most unmet because of poverty, domestic violence and lack of healthy support and resources in community to help access, inaccessible services to combat their issues in life.

We have continued to grow . . . .

through the help of our stakeholders, donors, volunteers, grantors and administrative support who continue to help achieve our mission. 

Throughout years of service, our purpose still remains the same ADVOCATE for justice and access to jobs with meaningful wages, permanent safe affordable housing and restoration on our right to vote, full expungement and more pardons that restore formerly incarcerated citizens human and civil rights. That after  individuals have served there prison time, they are allowed to crossover the economic and social threshold and whole life restoration too.