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Our History

Step by Step Ministry Hope Project - Reentry Program

In January 1999 - 2000 Angela Hurks,President / Founder and CEO  composed and founded what is known, now as Step by Step Ministry Hope Project, a 501 c) 3) Nonprofit reentry project for formerly incarcerated women. She was set free from the bondage of substance misuse, domestic violence,and homelessness. After she served her time in prison, she picked up a menial job and rented her first permanent home in Greenville, South Carolina. Hurks has shared her story many times with at least a thousand women or more. How God stepped-in when she asked a prayer to "Take my will and my life, Guide me in my recovery and Show me how to live". He did just that and more - she exclaims! Never in a million years she had thought, would she share all these experiences helping other formerly incarcerated women after reciting that prayer. Countless times throughout her life in South Carolina meeting rooms of 12 step recovery, she does know to this day. It Works! Hurks attest, God will do for you what she couldn't do for herself.

Angela Hurks born in Detroit, Michigan didn't realize that one-day she will be chosen to serve a great and crucial need in Greenville County in such a large capacity. Angela worked in real estate offices, multi-housing residential management and hud property management program coordinator to special projects auctioning, mailouts, registrations, data collection, data entry for veteran administration and hud foreclosure residential properties and sba farm machinery. Angela has an array of clerical and property management skills and experience. She has always been a overachiever and dedicated member in society, always have shown lots of love and spread it around to others. She can be very creative and a born visionary, which is a gift on-top of her divine calling. Angela love her employment is driven to deliver quality programming and outcomes.

She has worked as executive assistant to then, Rich's Macy's Corporation for Senior Buyers (Junior Department), Atlanta, Georgia. She appreciates the experience and special trainings attend to make certain her job was done meticulous and with professional compliance. She was educated in the Detroit Public Schools where she was cheerleader, a long distance track runner with the Detroit Striders. In, 1980 earned a high school certificate. In, 1983 Russell School of Real Estate Licensing.  In, 1975 after returning to Detroit from Greenville SC, she reunited with the guy she knew from the swimming pool his and her sister were best friends,since early childhood, the two hooked-up, she got knock-up somehow opposites attract, the childhood romance continued and together they conceived a first child (Holly). Angela become a mother then wife, and he became a father and husband, her friend, confidant and later abuser. She withstood the test of time for nearly two-decades of her life.