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Who Step by Step Is

The essence of our organization exists in our human spirit – the spirit and passion of those that serve and the spirit and determination of those who accept our services. We are dedicated to raising awareness of our cause and serving those in need.

Mason Street Residence

Our Vision

That Upstate formerly-and-currently incarcerated women are welcomed back to their community, supported and helped to be restored to a healthy mind, a positive path of life and, are engaged with resources to experience whole life transformation, accepted in the workforce, earn good wages, build financial equity, able to save money, eliminate debt, including probation and parole fees, child support payments, to land a permanent home.


Early on, we realized that changing the lives of formerly incarcerated individuals is not enough — we also have to seek change at a systemic level. Our goal is the full restoration of civil and human rights for people with convictions: Our team works toward changing state and local laws, policies and regulations through advocacy and community organizing around issues such as bail reform and the reinstatement of jury duty.

We also believe our power is in our voices, and what better way to use that power than by voting? Step-By-Step does voter outreach in our communities and jails, registering our neighbors to vote, helping voters understand complex ballot propositions, and holding forums to bring candidates and voters together. We also do voter inreach, ensuring that people being held in local county jails are registered and aware of their right to vote.