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Our Program Information

Step by Step Ministry Hope Project is leading the way for formerly incarcerated women to experience freedom, social justice and a safe place to live. A place where women can choose to build a strong foundation living clean. Step by Step assists women to experience a real life transformation in Greenville, South Carolina

What we do . . ..  Provide emergency shelter and safe housing with supported wraparound case management and comprehensive care that offers formerly incarcerated women essential needs.

The reentry program is designed to give women a second-chance to work and earn meaningful wages to stabilize in the community to provide, explore, and experience they too can, begin a healthier path of life post incarceration.
Women can experience opportunities here that provide economic empowerment, 12 step recovery and reentry programming that allows for them to build healthy relationships with other women in the community with similar past experience/ Who has overcome their own weaknesses, shame and guilt and can provide a sense of hope, courage and purpose at a new way of life on the journey to build a healthy foundation that Wins.

Step by Step provide a structured way to live and learn about oneself, financial stabilization and wellness program to help formerly incarcerated women to write a budget, save receipts, improve expenses, manage money, establish saving accounts, obtain credit reports, build credit scores, pay debts owed and save weekly, to establish credibility and a savings to purchase a vehicle to eventually obtain a home. 
Step by Step provide a safe living environment  where the foundation is supportive for personal transformation while dismantling institutional barriers that affect women with histories of incarceration.

Formerly incarcerated women face ongoing challenges, barriers, and trauma that has bound their thinking to believe they cannot achieve goals and recapture lost dreams. Women are challenged, more than the male counterparts with unwarranted behaviors that they want to change but need a listening ear and suggestions on how to re-establish these relationships with children and family. Interpersonally and individually coping with systematic policy and new ideologies can be darkened as they're weakened on self-identification and guilt. However, new interactions in community help to transform fear to courage and gain a new life, new identify, gain dignity, integrity and respect linking promise to opportunity awakens the spirit.

Alumni women return to visit and support new women and provide support through the adjustment stages of transitioning from jail and prison, on storytelling and reflections from the past. they are available for transportation to 12 step meetings and provides other peer support. Our strategy is to help women build a "courage to change" through the principles of self-discipline and responsible living through support of the 12 steps that fosters and strengthen a change in perception on life. Women begin to reunite with their children and family members . They save money to leave the program successfully with family in tow as “A Bridge to Home”. 

Supportive outreach and information are available to share with community formerly incarcerated women on engagement of community reentry to assist on essential needs.
Our services include:
Emergency shelter
Nutritional meals;
Case management and goal planning assistance
Life skills training
Peer Support
Vocational training, Job development
Higher Education
Financial Wellness and Stabilization
Job and health related assistance (limited time)

*For more information Contact Us:
Step by Step Office 864-315-3730 ext. 1 
Email address:
Fax: (864) 236-1393

**This program is fee base.