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What We Do

We pride ourselves on providing empowerment to formerly-and-currently incarcerated women as a vehicle to build value and opportunities for economic growth and on gaining ongoing knowledge, experience and information through our advocacy efforts for meaningful jobs with provided transportation assistance, education and higher education support for stability in community for whole life transformation. Once a safe place to live is secured. Individuals affected by our cause begin to experience establishing their lives in positive and healthy ways. Self realization begins to unfold, goals are achieved, opportunities for learning, soft skills and life skills are supported. leadership development and training opportunities are realized and family reunification are supported.

Our success is measured by the number of women we can help move out of incarceration, homelessness, reduce self-harm, eliminate institutional barriers, address emotional and mental fears to overcome the upheavals of life that impede spirituality, growth and maturity. The population being helped begin to unfold through our comprehensive care delivery and supportive case management, surrounded by a healthy and nurturing living environment provided through our safe housing model. Our purpose is to move formerly incarcerated women on a healthier path and to a permanent home.

Successful outcomes are fueled by our dedicated and committed staff, partnered with community providers and funding stakeholders, caring volunteers and generous people like you with your giving and support.

Our shelter and safe housing network exist to provide a structured-living arrangement for past substance misusing women whose lives have been negatively impacted by jail and the prison-industrial complex. We provide a safe, stable, and affordable place to live  with provided assistances to appointments,12 step meetings, job search, access benefits, secure governments, shopping, workforce, and initial probation and parole appointments. For beginning a life in community formerly-and-currently incarcerated women has no place land and many unmet needs. Our shelter and safe housing network provide a foundation where women can begin their journey on a healthy path, with a peace-of-mind, new direction, healthy social support and guidance through our case management component. We provide a multidimensional delivery of support to ensure accountability, responsibility, financial prosperity, health care and mental health support and provided transportation which is made accessible for linkage and in a  measurable outcomes can be obtain. We address the most urgent needs of humanities women in a relevant and coordinated fashion for formerly incarcerated women. They begin to experience a new way of life that for many, that has been too far and in between since they last remember.

After prison and jail release most want help to develop a life plan, having contact with their children first, and maybe have a couple of family members to reach. It has been a very long-time to breathe in fresh air, to think about short- and-long-term goals, to just figure everything out. Many formerly incarcerated women do not have any immediate goals their just glad and happy to be out! most hadn't thought about what it is really they want to do besides work a job and have financial freedom for a change - in fact any change is better than life and crises that they made through and out of prison. A few wants to enroll in secondary learning higher education institution to pursue goals and lost dreams as they awaken to a new way of life.

We thrive to meet women at the level of where they are at, for an equal opportunity and, whole person restoration and a permanent home, A day at a time they engage in 12 step recovery, comprehensive care.women's peer group discussion and enjoy laughter, giggles, and fun. Our structure is a holistic approach and comprehensive on community reintegration with new experiences happening daily that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our case management is person-centered, individual, self-directed and supportive, resourceful and responsive, loving and caring by individuals who are skilled and has lived-experience.Our community is healthy, clean and sanitary, respectful, family-oriented, happy, joyful, and friendly and very supportive to those who wants to be here. Our programs include health and wellness, nutrition, education, spirituality, character and social development for women's empowerment.

  • Our goal is to help women address self-esteem building, healthy coping, and peer to peer support group, and the practice of home economics.
  • Step by Step collaborate with business leaders on jobs 4 you.

Our community needs affordable housing for all levels of earners taxpaying citizens. Not just for the have's but, also for the have not's!

Affiliations and Other programs

The Nonprofit is a member of the SC Upstate Continuum of Care

  • SC Coalition of Peer Support Specialist,
  • Georgia Nonprofit University,
  • Greenville Upstate Homeless Coalition, and
  • NAADAC and,
  • ANWOL SAFE HOUSING NETWORK (Sisterhood Alliance For Freedom and Equality)