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What We Do

We pride ourselves on empowering homeless and formerly incarcerated women to economic opportunity through housing, advocacy, education, meaningful jobs and transportation assistance. Once a safe place to live is secured. Individuals affected by our cause begin to experience establishing their lives in community, self realization, goals, soft skills trainings, higher education and family reunification.

Our success is measured by the number of women we can help move out of homelessness, institutional barriers, mental fears and emotional upheavals. To meaningful jobs, and family reunification to whole life restoration in community. The population being helped begin at our comprehensive shelter and case management, into our transitional homes. Then to a permanent home.

Successful outcomes are fueled by our dedicated beneficiaries, staff, community, providers and stakeholders, caring volunteers and generous donors like you.

Our shelter program is structured for multidimensional services and community-living for the use of homeless and formerly incarcerated women to thrive at their level of opportunity to whole and complete restoration.

Our community is healthy, clean and sanitary, respectful, family-oriented, happy and joyful, friendly and supportive to all. Our case management is guided and self-directed, resourceful and responsive, and loving and caring.

Our programs include health and wellness, nutrition, education, spirituality, character and social development.

  • Our goal is to help women address self-esteem building, healthy coping, and peer to peer support group, and the practice of home economics.
  • Step by Step collaborate with business leaders on jobs 4 you.

Our provider partners are compassionate, sensitive and respectful to the concerns and needs of every individual woman. Our providers assist with empathy and sensitivity to each woman's person-centered goals and are helped to achieve.


  • The nonprofit is a member of the SC Upstate Continuum of Care
  • SC Coalition of Peer Support Specialist,
  • Georgia Nonprofit University,
  • Greenville Upstate Homeless Coalition, and
  • NAADAC, and
  • SAFE HOUSING NETWORK (Sisterhood Alliance For Freedom and Equality)