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What We Do

Our success is measured by the number of women we can help move out of incarceration, homelessness, reduce self-harm, eliminate institutional barriers, address emotional and mental fears to overcome the upheavals of life that impede spirituality, growth and community stabilization. Our purpose is to move formerly incarcerated women onto a healthier path and to a permanent home.

Formerly incarcerated women are being helped to physically unfold through our comprehensive care delivery and supportive case management and surrounded by a healthy and nurturing family-like living environment. Formerly incarcerated women are provided peer support through the SAFE Housing Replication Model for Reentry Services. Under the leadership of its founding director, Angela Hurks, the Step-By-Step Ministry Hope Project, has been transforming the lives of homeless and formerly incarcerated women for over a decade. 
Ms. Hurks is a woman of faith and has the lived experience of having been formerly incarcerated. That is just part of what she brings to the Step-By-Step Ministry Hope Project.

Trained and mentored by Susan Burton, the founding director of A New Way of Life. Ms. Burton, nationally recognized by the US Commission on Civil Rights, as a leader in the fight for formerly incarcerated women to regain their strength and dignity.

It is this training and experience that qualifies the Step-By-Step Ministry Hope Project as part of the SAFE Housing Network*. 

Ms. Hurks and her team uses comprehensive wraparound case management as well as collaboration with community partners and experienced interventionists to create a caring environment. This approach, treating people with dignity and respect ensures that clients feel safe and are not only engaged but empowered to participate in their own change process.

Successful outcomes are fueled by our dedicated and committed staff, partnered with community providers, caring volunteers and generous people like you with your giving and support, are stakeholders.