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Our Mission

Our Vision

That Upstate homeless and formerly incarcerated women are restored on a healthier path and to a permanent home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to embody a movement for homeless and formerly incarcerated women for inclusion that offer a safe place to live that nurture and engage in supportive services. That homeless women can re-learn life and use the necessary tools and resources for to heal and experience whole life restoration, self-sufficiency, financial independence, and complete an education in a safe, supportive and structured living environment. We are committed to assisting women to cross over the barriers of social stigma where they are inhibited and discouraged by economic lockout. Our goal is to support every woman in our program with essential needs and goal setting to have a chance at economic stability and meaningful wage employment, permanent affordable housing, and family unification. We are fighting against the discrimination that people face every day because of arrest or conviction history.

Step by Step is working to make an impact on homeless and formerly incarcerated women's life to reduce the risk factors of economic lockout and social stigma, that can breed recidivism in Greenville County and the State of South Carolina.

  • We provide a safe, structured and supportive living arrangement.
  • We provide necessary tools that a woman will need to restore her life, including employment and transportation.
  • We engage women in case management and goal planning,also assistance to help her break through barriers on addressing the trauma, grief and fears she experienced.
  • We offer emergency support to comprehensive care that strengthens the mobility of women to thrive and be productive in every day society.
  • We offer life skills and leadership training opportunities to develop the potential and assets she already has geared toward restoration of dignity, self respect and inclusion that link Promise with Opportunity. 
  • We offer support to complete an education and enrollment into job training and higher education institutions for personal development and growth.
  • We work to restore the civil rights of formerly incarcerated people to be advocates for social change and personal transformation.
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