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The Hope Project welcomes women back to our community providing safe housing and supportive case management giving women hope, encouragement and opportunities to restore their life.


Our Mission

Step by Step provides a safe place to live to formerly incarcerated women, supportive case management, leadership development and advocacy training and wrap around support. Linking Promise with Opportunities for Hope, Power, and Economic Wealth.

Our Purpose

Step by Step Hope Project Re-Entry Program helps to ensure that formerly incarcerated women can secure sc government identification and social security cards, access to resources in the community, employment and achieve goals to help women build economic equity and inclusion to provide self-sufficiency and independence. was created to provide safe housing, advocacy and supportive case management to address the unmet needs of formerly incarcerated women. 

Our Vision

That Upstate formerly and currently incarcerated women are supported and restored on a healthy path to experience whole life transformation and a permanent home.

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News & Notes

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